Paus - Mudo e Surdo

This is a portuguese band named Paus. They only have one album so far, but I really like them. Seen it two times live.

And yes, they play with two drums! Isn't that awesome ?

Two New Musics

Hey guys, yesterday I was visiting a friend's blog and I came across an interesting ad.  It's, but why is it interesting ?
Well, dlvr feeds your blog to your selected social networks. I'm using it right now

So... I couldn't decide what music to post so here it goes


Not many people know valient thorr, but you should really give it a look. (Trust me)


Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

Epic music. You just gotta love it

Hello World

Heya !

This is my first post. In this blog I will post and review some of the best musics in the world.

Hope you like it!

I will start with one of my favorit songs: